The main task of the Foundation is to develop and strengthen partnerships between Russia and other countries in business, sports, and cultural fields.
Also, our Foundation is reviving traditions of charity and patronage, which played an important role in the history of the Russian state in solving social issues

Kyuri Usmanov,
President of the Foundation

About Foundation
  • Kyuri Usmanov
    President of the Foundation
  • Elena Shumilova
    Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Senator of the Russian Federation
  • Vladimir Kidyamkin
    Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Head of Infrastructure and ESG projects
  • Elena Kuznetsova
    Expert Council of the Foundation, Deputy Director of the Center for the Introduction of Genomic Technologies at MIPT
  • Roman Leontiev
    Artistic Director of the St. Petersburg Musin Symphony Orchestra (Open Planet)
The Foundation's mission
The Charitable Foundation ‘The Future of the Motherland’ was established in 2003.
President and founder is Kyuri Usmanov.
The Foundation's mission is to promote peace and friendship between Russia and other
countries of the world through culture, sports and charity.

The goals:
  • developing a peacekeeping image of Russia abroad;
  • reviving the charity and patronage, which played an important role in solving social problems in the history of the Russian state;
  • developing the socio-cultural potential of the country;
  • creating a sustainable platform for the harmonious spiritual and physical development of the new generation;
  • popularisation of sports among Russians.

To achieve the desired results, the ‘Future of the Motherland’ Foundation establishes
international relations with politicians and international sports associations, the
administrative and private sectors, non-profit organizations involved in peaceful
development and civil society.
Partnership agreements

We are open to partnership
Contact us
+7 (812) 576 3419
199161, St. Petersburg, Makarov Embankment, 34 А.
Public transport
We are within walking distance from metro Sportivnya. It is also convenient to get there by car

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